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Address:   #62 Miamona Close
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South Industrial Area
P.O. Box OS784

Phone:   +233-302-661615

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Customer Service

For us at GEM, our customers are the first priority. That is why our services start with the customer. Our customer needs assessment service includes the following:

  • Analysis of customer challenges
  • Analysis of customer resources
  • Analysis of current customer systems
  • Consumer survey
  • Solution feasible study
  • Solution design
  • Project finance

Pre Installation Services

Our trained and certified technicians also support customers with the following services:

  • Site surveys
  • Training of personnel
  • Consumer awareness campaigns


The following services are carried out at the projects implementation stage:

  • Meter installation
  • Management of smart card software for prepayment system
  • Interfacing with existing systems
  • Supply of smart card for prepayment system
  • Supply of disposable cards for recharging vending stations

After Sales Service

Because our customers matter a lot to us, we support them with the after sale services below:

  • Software/ Database Upgrades
  • Meter Firmware Upgrades
  • Meter Hardware Upgrades
  • Training of Specialists
  • Communication Network Upgrades